Friday, October 03, 2003

McIntyre Campaign Update

As you know, Dan McIntyre is running for the recall govenorship. Deciding that a 1 week visit to California easily qualifies him to govern it, he will be making appearances, up and down the west coast, next week.

To support his candidacy, we are volunteering to sponsor a visit for the McIntyre troupe to wine country a week from Saturday. Our political bandwagon will be departing san mateo in the morning, around 10am, to rendevous with the next California Governor and his family, at their San Francisco hotel. Anticipating the traditional brush off from Willie Brown, we will instead motor north, having lunch at the Greystone Culinary Academy. After a proper gastronomic polling, we will visit one, or two, wineries. A private tour has been arranged, for The Honorable Dan, at Sullivan Vineyards. This is one of the very few Irish run wineries - whisky being far too much trouble for them to make. Next, we will stop in at the Martucci, er, Arger-Martucci Vineyards (have to work on that name); just to keep it in la famiglia. Finally, no Napa campaign visit is complete without a short speech to the assembled throng at Calistoga's Old Faithful Geyser. The sleeping goats will no doubt be stirred out of their nacrolepsy, by the rousing reaction of the crowd, to Mac's inspirational tales of groping starlets on rowdy Hollywood movie sets.

Be there and vote YES for Dan.
Dan is The Man, who Can Can.
Why can't we, if we wanna, you know we Can Can.

(BTW, is Election Day, this coming Tuesday, or the following? Someone, anyone, have a calendar? Is Dan late?)


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