Wednesday, October 08, 2003

It is the dawning of the age of Austrian accents

it's not a tumor
it's not a rumor
The Terminator
has come to town.

The Bay Area proves, yet again, it stands alone. 65% against the recall, whereas the rest of the state was basically 65% for it. Makes one mildly paranoid about taking too many day trips out of the neighborhood.

LA County was 51/40, for/against. Lot's of actors down there, it seems.

It was weird - and disappointing - to see all the Shivers and Kennedys on stage with Arnold during the victory speech. Sergant Shiver. Remember him? 1972 VP candidate with George McGovern? Either this is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that the two party system is truly a joke, or Maria Shiver is one hella (I used 'hella' two days in a row. yay me) persuader with her family.

During the televised celebration, Shiver went to hug his wife, Eunice, from behind. I'm pretty sure I saw him cop a feel. Like father-in-law, like....

One of the local stations interviewed ex govenor Pete Wilson. Smug. Bustamante now goes back to being Lt Guv. I really think that guy is a toad, for some reason. Camejo was curiously elated. That guy's on Lithium.

Gray Davis was not a well-liked man. And now, he's Cally-forn-yah's Caesar.


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