Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I hope they ask this of a few Gubernatorial candidates...

San Jose’s bi-weekly freebie, The Wave, came up with a great way to pick your political candidates.

Rather than analyzing the spin, or digging up the dirt, they decided to get right to the heart of the matter: Is a particular candidate human or an insidious replicant, possessed of physical strength and computational abilities far exceeding our own, but lacking empathy and possibly even bent on our destruction as a species?

They applied The Voight-Kampff Test, created by Phillip K. Dick in his book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and later used by Harrison Ford’s character, Deckard, in the film Blade Runner. The test uses a series of questions to evoke an emotional response which androids are incapable of having. They tried it out on some San Francisco mayoral candidates. Here’s the link to the tests and below are the results.

ANGELA ALIOTO ... is indeed a replicant, albeit one that “loves” the implanted memory of her mother. Keep an eye on her.

SUSAN LEAL: ... is a replicant. …we can tell that she’s at least a Nexus 7. If you vote for Susan, you will be electing a replicant, but one of the most highly advanced models available.

MATT GONZALEZ: …His obvious grogginess leads us to the conclusion that he is indeed a human, but one with an ill-formed sleep schedule.

TOM AMMIANO: Good work, Tom! You’re human! Now watch your back.

TONY RIBERA: Inconclusive. …Fifty-fifty he’s a skin job.

GAVIN NEWSOM: Almost too close to call. Almost. Newsom displays a defensiveness when his empathy is questioned. He’s aware that he’s being probed for emotional responses, and even expresses concern about this. However, this concern is alleviated a little too easily by our crafty V-K interviewer. Newsom is definitely a replicant. Probably a Nexus 5.

Speaking of *that* gubernatorial candidate, Arnoll is quoted:

The Wave: Would you ever give up acting if you went into politics?
Arnold Schwarzenegger: I would try to do movies at night and run the state during the day. – [Vol 3, Issue 14]


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