Monday, August 04, 2003

The games begin

Apparently raccoons paid a visit to the front yard pond sometime last night. We awoke to carnage. Water plants well & truly trashed. The bio-filter flipped upside down. I almost didn't want to look more closely; I've already grown attached to these little Shibunkins.

Preparing myself for a dose of natural reality, I tossed some fish food in. How many pairs of slimy fish-gums would pop the surface? The water swirled a bit. They came to the top. First two. Then more. Then...all! A quick fish count revealed it was an embarassingly unsuccessful coon hunt! All the little Shibunkin are accounted for (well, maybe one is missing. It's hard to keep them all sorted out). They were very excited and happy to relate to me the fish-tale of their night's adventure. Dorsal-slaps and high-fins all around. Under-water flagstone shelter - 1, raccoons - 0.

I went around back to see if the marauders had also attempted an assault on the big koi pond. Not yet. It looks... serene. Ah....

But, coons are smart. They learn fast. Tonight, I anticipate a more enlightened raid. We'll see if we are up to meet their next challenge. If only my dogs would bark, instead of sleeping. They really have got to start pulling their weight around here.

Bring it!


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