Monday, August 18, 2003

Boom boom out go the lights

Here's a couple of space-based images of the Northeast. One is from the night before the blackout; the second is taken in the midst of it. Watch for that baby boomlet, come May.

Well I stand up next to a mountain...

...And I am humbled.

This weekend we hiked the Horsethief Canyon Trail, near Carson Pass, in the Toiyabe National Forest. This canyon climb is only a short 1.5 miles. But before you say, "a mile and a half - you call that a hike?", note that this trail has an elevation gain of 2,600 ft, with a beginning elevation at 6,800 ft. A steep climb... at altitude... oh yes, I think we can now consider ourselves official mtn-goats. I'll write more - and put up some pictures - but I'm kind of lazy tonight. It'll keep, 'til morning, won't it?


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