Thursday, July 10, 2003

Summer reading

You have any good summer read recommendations?

I'm in the middle of a doozy. "Batavia's Graveyard",by Mike Dash. A thoroughly engrossing account of the bloody mutiny on the Dutch East India Company's flagship, The Batavia. This book has everything. Seventeenth century history, sea-lore, Spice Island exotica, heretics (Manicheans!!), dastardly deeds, sex & violence, greed & avarice's the full package. And - it's all true. Boy, I love that.

Dash is the same author who wrote Tulipmania; another fascinating historical account of 17th century Dutch life, focusing on the unprecedented market speculation in Tulip bulbs. He certainly has the knack for finding intriguing, yet not well understood, historical subjects. Better, he does his homework diligently and writes thrillingly.


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