Friday, July 11, 2003

Little Darla doesn't have anything for you now

I'm bummed. Darla Distribution used to be a great source for independent music. Along with 4AD & Revolver, Darla, in the 90's, could be counted on to distribute imaginative indie releases. They might take only 5 copies from you on speculation, but they had a decent network of good stores. They also proactively turned people on to the sounds via one of the very rare compilation CDs worth more than one listen - the "Little Darla Has Something For You" series.

Behind the scenes, the personalities were 'interesting,' to say the least. Anyone who bought, or sold, on a regular basis with Darla surely has stories. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt though, because at the end of the day, they did provide a valuable service to the indie music community. Then, times started getting rough. First, they moved away from San Fran to somewhere near Sacto. Cheaper warehouse & living space. Now, Darla is being litigated against. By the good guys. The suit alleges Darla hasn't been paying their artists and the small labels they distribute. It's a bad/sad way to end a nice little run. If you know anyone (helloooo Swirlies...) who might be owed something, I have a name for you to contact, if you want in on the class action.

Bye bye little Darla, we used to luv ya.


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