Sunday, July 06, 2003

I got no musical taste

I'm listening to alot of pointless music right now.

Compared to rock concerts, where Chechnyian women blow themselves up, what is important music?

And there's a little Bush, along with a turtle-necked Putkin, trying to 'influence' a solution, through speechifying. Russia will have Chetchnya and the US will have Iraq. For years and years. Lovely.

The music I'm playing right now is without any merit at all. It's mainly new releases, by old folk. Tired, old folk. No answers. But... we feel good.

Does this say I've offically become beyond Beyonce? Probably; but I do like her hit. It's got the Stax, baby. I honestly wish there was A Voice though. Where's the real sound?

Fight the war against the war-president & the war-administration. Don't wait for an anthem.

(I think I've got a bunch of typos and lousy spelling, etc, but hey, it's the 00's - gotta revolution!)


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