Tuesday, July 22, 2003

...and we're back...

Time flies when you fly to New York.

I'm amazed at the current NYC. It's a far different (and distant!) place, compared to when I lived back east.

You used to think twice before walking around, intoxicated, in Soho. Not so anymore. It's downright upscale and accomodating to the over-served. Where did all the muggers go?

Saturday, we urban-hiked around Central Park, on it's 150th anniversary. Again, the question of the hour: where did all the muggers go? Boy, what a truly beautiful park it is again. Again? When I was growing up, beautiful would never have been the adjective of choice). We even glimpsed nesting grey herons, borrowing a nice gentleman's binoculars. A final gasp - talking to strangers... in Central Park?!?!

A big thumbs up hotel recommendation goes out to the Soho Grand. No thumbs though, for the Villa Roma. A 'resort,' near Callicoon NY. We had a very nice party there, celebrating my parents 50th anniversary. But why the Villa Roma? I guess because it's close to my sister's home. And she made the arrangements. Lynnie, you did a great job... otherwise! ;-) Always nice to see the family and folks from the old neighborhood. You know what they say absence makes....

Speaking of old neighbors, Danny & Marie Mac - you guys so totally rule! See you in the fall! Speaking of ruling, Mike Wolf - are you sure you aren't an old neighbor of mine? It's like I've known you for decades.

That's just a couple of the reasons why I heart NY.


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