Monday, June 23, 2003


Where have I been? What have I been doing?

With haloscan commenting down yet again, my blog-slackitude is all part of the master plan. If you couldn't comment, why bother writing anything, eh?

Anyway, many great, average, and just so so things have been going on. Starting with the good stuff - we've firmed up a nice 50th anniversary party for the parents. Included is a cruise to, of course, Hawaii. A dear friend in Hilo has agreed to meet them at the dock for a private tour of the Hilo only locals know. This will be especially interesting because my mother is the queen of 'oh don't go out of your way, on our behalf' stylee. She's definitely not about special treatment. But hey, it's your frickin' fiftieth mom, go nuts.

Deb got back this weekend from Europe. We missed her so much. And to sweeten the package, she brought back chocolates and CDs. Sounds like an Oasis songtitle.

There's more been going on, but most of it would make for silly reading. So instead, I will re-pledge to get back to blogging real stuff very soon.


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