Thursday, June 12, 2003

MoveOn.Org PAC

"Vern" and I are trying to solve the countries political problems. In the interim, has begun a PAC. They're looking to the several hundred thousand people they've attracted, to endorse one specific Democratic candidate. Here's their latest mailing. Hey, I'm open to any ideas now. But I'm not sure the Dems have really got it in them to foment the change I think we need. But I already went through all that on Vern's blog...

George W. Bush and some radical right-wing Republicans have stolen our country. We asked you last month if you were willing to fight to take it back. Hundreds of thousands of you answered with a resounding "Yes!" Now it's time to make some decisions about how to proceed.

In most presidential primary processes, pundits, pollsters and wealthy donors determine the outcome long before the actual primaries. By the time the rest of us cast our ballots, the nomination is typically a done deal. As we build our movement to defeat Bush, we could let that happen again. Or, we could engage in the primaries as a coordinated grassroots base. Should we?

We would like to start a candidate engagement process in which:

MoveOn members hear from candidates through email and our website.
We engage the campaigns on issues through an online interview.
MoveOn members vote online in a "MoveOn Primary."
If a candidate wins a majority in the primary, we endorse him or her.

Would you support this process? Tell us what you think.

We’ve already taken a straw poll of MoveOn members; the top three candidates are Governor Dean, Senator Kerry, and Congressman Kucinich. No candidate currently has the support of more than 50% of our base. We will give each of these three candidates an opportunity to engage our entire MoveOn base, through a special email next week. All nine Democratic candidates will be listed online and all nine candidates will be asked to respond to the MoveOn interview -- which will consist of the top five questions from MoveOn members.

If you agree that MoveOn should move toward an early endorsement, we will hold the first "MoveOn primary" before the end of the month. If a candidate emerges with majority support, then PAC will endorse and immediately begin doing work to elect that candidate, including an urgent fundraising appeal in time for the June 30 quarterly FEC filing deadline and a call for volunteers.

If no candidate wins a majority, then we will encourage MoveOn members to volunteer for and contribute to the candidates of their choice. And we’ll provide a special web page to make it easy to do that.

Even if that process does not end with a definite endorsement this month, MoveOn members' voices will be heard. A much broader base of citizens than usual will have an impact. This candidate engagement process is the beginning of something big: a web-enabled, nationwide network to defeat Bush.

Since we launched "The Great MoveOn Interview" last week, thousands of you have picked up the phone to interview another MoveOn member somewhere in the country. With those interviews, and the reports that you've sent in about them, we've taken a step towards developing a forward-looking agenda. Now let's work to elect a president who is willing to listen.


--Zack Exley and Wes Boyd PAC
June 11, 2003


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