Wednesday, June 04, 2003

I said Merlot!

The public lynching of Martha Stewart kind of bothers me.

I haven't a clue if she's an arsehole in real life, or not. She very well may be. But it still bugs me how righteous the media - and people - are about her terrible transgression. I mean, who wouldn't try to bail on a lousy investment, given insider info, if they could? The problem is with the system. It has this built-in irresistable flaw. It rewards cheating.

Now if her business was built on offshore child-labor, discriminatory, environmentally abusive, or orchestrating war in the name of capital market development, I'd harsh her buzz too. But (as far as I can tell) all she's guilty of is not knowing how to play the fat-cat insider game effectively. She's put in the public pillory to let the mob ridicule her, punish her...and in turn we become righteous and our sins are forgiven. Well, at least ignored.

That said, I can never, ever, forgive her for her decorating sense.


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