Friday, June 06, 2003

Absolute Sound

"Do you listen to the music, or the equipment?"

That's about the best summation I've heard, as to why some people go for the ultra-high end in audio equipment.

I'm spending some time at this year's Home Entertainment Show. A friend of mine, Paul Wyatt, has decided anyone who pays the mega bucks for a home theater/listening room, will also be able to afford his custom wine cellars. I'm there to pour some wine, hopefully getting to fill up all those cellars these people buy. It's a curious cross-marketing experiment, on Paul's part. Yesterday, the most commonly asked question of us was "You make WHAT?"

But it's an interesting show to attend. These high-end gear manufacturers each rent a room, in the older section of the Westin St. Francis. The audiophiles go from room to room, for a total sonic immersion experience. And then they come to our room and have a glass of vino.

So far, I just don't feel the passion for these luxury boxes (fortunately! I don't even want to think about the prices of some of these things). I am finding out I really do listen to the music.


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