Wednesday, May 14, 2003

& we're back

Spent a long weekend away visiting pater-in-law, and the rest of that side of the family, in Quincy, MA. He's doing good. Showing off his scars from the bypass surgery and slowly getting back to his daily routine.

Nice visit, but holy cow, when did I become a grouchy traveler? The culprit/the cause? Crazy ubiquitous cell-phone usage, that's what. Loud pointless yabbering, simply to kill time, while sitting near me, in the waiting area. Not one overheard conversation was of the busy on-the-go executive deal maker variety. Nor one critical call to relatives waiting in intensive care. Just that wassssup? stuff. Doofus, doofus, doofus.

Bring back the crying babies!

By the way, smoking was also just banned in Boston restaurants. Quincy MA is treating this as an opportunity to lure the disgruntled, the smelly. Hey ho way to go oh-Quin-cy.

(...having now alienated you the smoking, cell-phone using, good people of Quincy....)


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