Thursday, May 15, 2003

The Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator

In Dec of 2002, the DOD and the National Nuclear Security Administration of the DOE released a new Nuclear Posture Review (NPR). This NPR added 5 countries to the potential nuclear targets list. In addition to Russia and China, the US now officially includes North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lybia on the hit list.

In more good news, this year's DOE budget requested funding for a Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator (RNEP). The House passed it, but it didn't make it through the Senate. A joint congressional committee is supposed to revisit the impasse sometime around July.

Isn't it all too wonderful? The terrorists are still effective. The administration is happy to simultaneously manage multiple 'conventional' wars. Now, we can look forward to the resumption of nuclear weapons development. Better still, it's the development of more "usuable" nukes. If there's one thing we know about US testing, it begats other countries resuming their own testing programs. It just keeps getting better and better, eh?


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