Monday, May 05, 2003

House Renovation

Things are apparently too hectic for me to keep the blog entries plopping out. So let's see, what's up?

The house remodel is moving on, mostly on the outdoor front.

We're putting in an interesting exterior door, between the new kitchen and the new sunroom. A Nana bifold door. Also here's some pics on the small 'slipping acres' vineyard and the new raparian pond. This will be our 3rd outdoor water feature (one in the front, two in the lower backyard). The vineyard is only 17 vines small - if the vine growing gods allow, that might make about 2 cases of cabernet sauvignon per year. Or at least some excellent deer food.

We're also finishing off the wineshed.

Take a look at the frontyard landscaping too. If you have an idea what color we should paint the house and trim, I'm all ears.


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