Tuesday, May 27, 2003


I'll update the home renovation pictures sometime this week because we're well into it now. There's a fine layer of dust on everything, including my pupils. We just keep repeating - it's an adventure.

We've lived in this house since '89. Moved in, in the early part of the summer before the big quake. After that long, you begin to navigate the same paths, working around piles of stuff you should have gotten rid of ages ago. It's been interesting revisiting all the crap. The donation pile runneth over.

This weekend we emptied out the living room, family room and kitchen. All the other rooms are getting the heavy drop cloth treatment, as a couple of contractors remove the 'cottage cheese' ceilings. This is a major contributor to our new friend, dust.

We've essentially moved into the sunroom. Sometime this week, I'll cut out a hunk of old kitchen counter cabinet and move that in there with the refrigerator. It's gratifying to know we can divorce ourselves from The Stuff and live a studio a-p-t existence again.

Outside, no new work on the koi lake, but this is turning into a big deal. I think I'll need to join the Koi Club.


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