Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Where is the normal?

Watching the Astros/Giants game last night felt really good. Soothing. Normal. Only this morning did I ruin it for myself by recalling Dubya's previous executive position.

If you live in the Arlington VA metropolitan region, be forewarned. You will be invaded shortly, by otherwise normal looking humans - with one significant, alien, difference. They will be sporting "Wearcams," in the name of government sponsored 'art.'(?) (I too have always been fascinated by the theme of transormation. And what better way to explore all the wonderful aspects of transorminess, than by walking around, wearing a videocam on your head?) This, from Danno:

An email from the Arlington County Cultural Affairs Division:

Dear Arlington County Resident or Worker:

The Arlington County Cultural Affairs Division is bringing
award-winning filmaker Liz Canner to Arlington to create a video project on the themes of freedom, transormation and community building. It is part of the free summer Arts al Fresco performance series.

We are seeking individuals who live or work in Arlington, and who will agree to be considered as subjects for this "day in the life" documentary which is intended to showcase the diversity of lives and views in our community.

Participants will be asked to don small video cameras (wearcams) on their heads to document life from their perspective for a day. Liz Canner will edit the footage, and the resulting video will be presented as large scale video projections on public sites across Arlington County.

The videos will be projected simultaneously, so that at any given moment, diverse stories, lives and perspectives will be in view.

Attached is more information about the project by Liz Canner, and an application form if you are interested in participating. For more information, please call 703-228-1850, or email us at the above address, arts@c...


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