Friday, April 04, 2003

Baghdad By The Bay

I believe Herb Caen nicknamed San Francisco - Baghdad By The Bay. What would it feel like to be blacked out, smart bombs dropping on the Presidio, the Mint and Civic Center, an invading army marching up the peninsula, storming SFO last night?

What purpose does protest serve now?

James O. Goldsborough, San Diego Union-Tribune columnist, makes an attempt at answering that question
in yesterday's column.

It's a good try.

If you oppose this war, you might be struggling with this question. I am. How is protest meaningful now? Does non-violent marching and vigilance mean anything, given the troops are already at Baghdad's gates? How can you protest this unjust war and not be misrepresented as 'not supporting the troops?'

Goldsborough comes close to answering these questions. But I'm still looking for a stronger, clearer voice. Someone out there has to be able to find the best words. They exist; I'm sure of it.


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