Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I want U to make love, not war; I know U heard it be4

Peaceniks, is marching becoming a bore? Are you finding direct action an unfulfilling hassle? Well gals, here's what you gotta do, courtesy of Libida:

Women all over the world are protesting the imminent war on Iraq by performing Lysistrata, a 2400-year-old play. It portrays the real story of the women of Greece rebelling against the on-going Peloponnesian war by denying their mates any sex until they stopped fighting. It worked! Today, performers in 49 countries including Europe, Asia, America, and Canada are taking the same approach by recounting this story. It is a valiant (worthy) effort at bringing awareness to our current global situation. Today, the version of Lysistrata, might look a little different, however.... more

ps: my Libida connection: they moved into my old place, on the corner of Texas & Mariposa.


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