Thursday, September 19, 2002

You had to be there?
If you have to hang around an airport, waiting for a plane, it might as well be at Kona.

After checking the luggage, it occurred to one of my traveling companions, fellow Mensa reject "Leo", that perhaps a cool beverage in the airport lounge might be an good way to kill some time. After several, our senses developed an unique acuteness; an extra-ordinary sensory ability. We began to...notice things. Sure, this lounge had all the *normal* bar decor one comes to rely on, to get ones' bars. An exit sign, for example. But we noticed there was something slightly different. A neon satori moment was in the offing.

"Holy boogie-boards, Leo. We're not in the Hawaiian Islands....we're in the...."
(click on thumbnail to find out where we really were) -------->


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