Thursday, September 19, 2002

These things are important

Real SF indie kids, debating whether Interpol's bassist smoked a ciggie cooly at this weeks' Bottom of the Hill show:

Yes, he did:
"here's to lighting a cigarette mid-way through your last song, and smoking it cooly."

No, he didn't:
When the singer lit that cigarette, it had to be the phoniest, most intentional,
unnatural and pretentious gesture made in San Francisco since Badly Drawn
Boy posed during his songs (!) for photographers. He'd been practicing with
the cigarette in the mirror, I'm sure, but it wasn't working.

He did:
thats what made it so funny. its so obviously uncool its back to cool.
he was so unphased by the phoniness of it all.

He didn't:
the bass player did annoy the fuck out of me as well. it all seemed
so contrived. but i thought they sounded great.

i actually enjoyed the poseur-ness of the bass player--it was part of
the show. in fact, i *appreciate* the fact that they were damned
image conscious. but then again, it is very cool to make high fun
out of hyped bands who look nice; their music be damned.

Above it all:
What the fuck is up with this. Why are people ripping on there clothes
(gay ties?), lighting cigarettes while playing, posing for the
cameras, there stage performance being soulless? I didn't come there
to fucking rip on the guys at all, I came there to support a band
that had a great album and who would play for me for 8 bucks.

Way above it all, cause he's punk:
Lastly, the flood of posters fixating on clothes, lighting cigarettes and
generally ignoring the music cements my already known low opinion of
"indie rock." I'd much rather watch someone make noise and set their
clothes on fire than discuss what those clothes looked like before they
went up to/in smoke.


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