Wednesday, September 25, 2002

"Eventually, artists will be going onstage like race-car drivers covered in hundreds of logos..."

There's an interesting dialog going on, in The Nation, of all places. John Densmore, of The Doors, writes about his resistance to selling the rights to Doors music for commerical exploitation. The article is well worth a look: Riders on the Storm

Later, Tom Waits writes an open letter of support & solidarity:
Perception of Doors

A postscript: In the comments & replies section to Waits' letter, John Densmore shares a tidbit about that ubiquitous Cadillac TV commercial: "...Led Zeppelin was actually GM's second choice, after we (The Doors) turned down an amount of money that makes me weak in the knees. At the end you see their new SUV roar by, and it says, "Break Through," with the Caddie logo in between. They wanted it to say, "Break on Through"!


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