Monday, September 09, 2002

Do You Remember?

The week of remembrance is here. It began for us with two back-to-back 2hr sunday evening TV programs. An extended 60 Minutes and a Frontline focusing on the military and political machinations of the war in Afghanistan, so far.

One impression reinforced by both is the chapter on Osama Yo Mama and his Alley Qaedas is far from closed. Yet we don't hear the president mentioning their names very much anymore. He now has Iraq - a more conventional target - in his sites. For the crime of trying to import exotic aluminum pipes. Somewhere in this, doesn't justice come into the mix? 3000 lives, families and a nation have already been assaulted. How about finishing that job, Mr. Bush?

His war on the environment, the absence of an economic policy and now this Iraq mess...he's more, so much more, than even I worried he'd be.


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