Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Brought to you by the letter H: Heat, Hiking & House Concerts


We are having perfect september weather here. Hot, clear, sunny, dry. Just in case it needs repeating: never vacation in Nor Cal in July/Aug. The best time is right now - Sept/Oct.


Taking advantage of said beautious outdoor FX, Deb & I did a nice, brisk, 7.5mile hike in Point Reyes Sunday. The Estero Trail, to be specific. .

This trail is in the northern portion of the park, which also happens to be a Thule Elk preserve. And because we didn't bring our cameras, we came upon a small herd about 2 hours down the trail. Here's some pictures by a guy who did remember to bring a camera.

I am still a little sore today, but it's the good aching kind.


I've reconfigured, reconnected, reogranized and redecorated the living room in preparation of the relaunch of our house concerts. I've been meaning to do this forever and we're finally there. We may have Seana Carmody & band in on next Oct 1. Locals, stay tuned - as soon as I know if Seana has the date open, we'll send an announcement. You probably should email me if you're reading this and interested in being notified - seating is very limited.

It's not a big deal setup, but I think it should be fine for these little intimate shows. Mackie 24x8x2 mixing bd, DbX quad compressor, Lexicon mpx100, Yamaha rex50, Panasonic DATSV3800 Recorder & Sony DATMan, Event 20/20 monitors {the pa ;-)}, Shure mics SM58s (2), Sony stereo compressor mic. You're free to use the Roland KR575 full keyboard digital piano, spanish acoustic guitar (A. Burguett) & we can't forget the Mele concert ukulele.


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