Monday, August 26, 2002

Hot Lava

Here's one of my real all-time favorite websites. I go back to it often & it rarely fails to make me go "oooooh."

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatories Kilauea Update page. One of nature's amazing displays of power and beauty - come out and see it with us sometime!

We love the big island! And now, here's the information section of this installment:

The Hawaiian islands owe their existence to a "hot spot" - a large stationary magma concentration in the mantle - that has changed location only slightly over the past 70 million years. This hot spot is now located beneath the southeastern part of Hawai`i. Let's just rename said 'hot spot' "Pele" and be done with it! Here's an interesting picture of the long trail of islands and marine seamounts created by Pele:

More on Pele's Sisters, the earth's hot spots:

A little bit more on Pele (full name: Pelehonuamea) herself (from a Kona Coffee site - the best coffee on the planet!!). And finally, a synopsis of the epic poem of Pele, Holo Mai Pele

Aloha nui loa,


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