Saturday, August 24, 2002

Arts & Lit

Saw 2 notable shows this week.

* Wednesday - Cornelius at Bimbo's 365 Club. Fantastic. An amazing performance of an amazing record - his latest "Point." Highly recommended (both show and CD).

* Friday - Nadine's Wild Weekend. A 4 day showcase of local (Nor Cal) bands. I went primarily to see a friend, beckie play her first gig in a while. She's just released a self-produced CD titled "God's Empty Chair." If it was titled "god's empty head" the zen import would boggle, eh? Anyway, it's very good and she's shopping for a little label now...

* I'm still reading and enjoying The Botany Of Desire - A Plant's-Eye View Of The World.

Politics & Social

A counter proposal to Bush's "Forests" initiative: NRDC

Personal & Miscellany

We're so fortunate to live where we do. Every day deer forage on the hill behind our home. They usually migrate through, but this week, a loner has set up a local base camp. Bedding down every evening and during the day helping me trim the bushes around the fence. The dogs haven't been barking at him. We had a golden eagle hanging around for a few weeks. Now that is an impressive bird! Fairly fearless too. He (she) began to hunt at our birdfeeders. Hey, what can you do - survival of the biggest and baddest. When he would catch a sparrow, he would then land on our fence, or gazebo top, to feed. I've got some pictures, I'll find a place to put them up soon. Haven't seen him in a while - the sparrows seem less stressed.

Finally, a few websites that need no introductions:
Airline Food Check out RyanAir..

Theo's wunderbare Welt der Bandfotographie



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